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Firefighter Rescue Chain Package

SKU: BP311

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Team Equipment Firefighter Rescue Chain Package is designed to handle big loads up to 6,000 pounds. All chains and hooks are 3/8" transport grade 70 with a working load limit of 6,000 pounds.
Firefighter Rescue Chain Package
Firefighter Rescue Chain Package

For safety and maximum efficiency chains are matched with a 3 ton heavy duty chain come-a-long ensuring that the system will never be overloaded as long as all components are used together. Because of the size and weight of components in this package it is not practical to store in a carrying container. All items should be stowed loose in a compartment for easier handling.

IMPORTANT - Grade 70 chain should never be used for overhead lifting applications. Only grade 80 alloy chains and slings should be used for overhead lifting applications. Contact US for a special alloy chain brochure.

Items included in this kit:

  • Loading hook
  • 3 Ton Chain Come-A-Long
  • 7' Chain Sling
  • 10' Chain Sling
  • 16' Pulling Chain
  • "Cheater" Chain
  • "J" Hook
Team Equipment, Inc.
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